About Us


Clatural Wear Limited (Clatural) is a luxuriously stylish, uniquely timeless and high-quality versatile pieces of ethically sustainable signature couture brand. We are inspired by the urge of today’s women and men for African culture, infused with modernism to create unique, rich and vibrant statement pieces of ethical and sustainable wearable art pieces for all occasions.

Clatural is a Ghanaian 100% woman-owned, female-focused social enterprise. Our mission is crafting signature pieces of eco-friendly, luxuriously stylish, uniquely timeless and high-quality wearable art that are affordable, accessible worldwide and ethically produced with positive impact on our communities, employees, and the environment.

Our business operations is built on our core belief of creating wealth from waste based on our zero-waste tolerance policy of textile waste reduction. We ensure highest quality standards in the production of our signature wearable art pieces using sustainable materials and production processes that minimize environmental impact by reducing waste and pollution. We consciously employ marginalized youth (above 18 years) and women with 75% of our employees being women. We also have a 2% of our employment reserved for persons with disability and we implement fair wages practices.

We are very transparent and honest in all aspects of our operations, from sourcing and production methods to pricing. We deploy unique and innovative creative practices to craft our easily identifiable timeless signature designs the MESH AND THE SHEM. Ensuring positive impact on our communities, employees, and the environment through our creative sourcing, innovative designing, fair wages and sustainable manufacturing practices is our social responsibility. Our vision is to be the world’s most preferred luxury sustainable fashion brand with unique signature wearable art pieces which are timeless, high- quality, made with respect to the environment, animals and people, and that are recyclable and upcyclable, reducing waste and pollution. We are totally committed to the SDGs while remaining socially responsible. Overall, Clatural is helping to create a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future for all.

Our True Love Story

Born out of pure passion for creativity and the unwavering passion for women empowerment, the brand started off with our founder’s ability to turn pieces of fabrics and leather into unique pieces of wearable art. The brand started making uniquely stylish timeless pieces of reversible jackets for corporate women using unique and purposefully curated signature designs. These luxurious pieces were mainly to help corporate women who are environmentally conscious, travel light on their busy travelling schedules while maintaining their African inspired stylish looks without compromising their preferred contemporary appearances. Our classic and uniquely timeless pieces are boldly embraced and worn by the cultured woman and man who knows exactly who they are and are proud to openly support eco-friendly and sustainable fashion.

Confident enough about the brand, our founder named Clatural after herself; an ode to the authentic woman who is clothed in style, confidence and pride in her originality, colour, gender and culture whiles remaining socially and environmentally responsible.

At Clatural we pride ourselves in the fact that our products are 80% ethically  handmade from carefully selected fabrics,  fabric scraps and  our products are ethically sustainable.  Clatural is eco-friendly and we have a zero-waste philosophy. In effect any time you buy Clatural, you are not only supporting our brand, you are also supporting the economic empowerment of  many young and talented women who we train and employ and also protecting our environment and the world at large. 


 Our Founder 


 Clatural was formed by Clara Pinkrah-Sam in 2017, and she is the CEO and the Creative Director of the brand. Clara is a “multipotentialite” with diverse background which fascinates everyone. She is a practicing Pharmacist, a Medical Transcriptionist and an ICT Consultant with over two decades of working experience with the UNDP and the World Bank on both private and public sector projects. Clatural was born completely out of nurturing her hobby of creating unique and exciting designs out of fabrics.

Confident enough to name her brand after herself, Clara has immense confidence in the quality, comfortability and the uniqueness of her brand so much so that she wears Clatural EVERYDAY and is widely known for her hash tag #iwearme. It was not surprising that the  brand was awarded the Most Creative Brand and the Best Female Brand awards in 2021 by Ghana Fashion Awards and Honours. Also in 2022, Clatural won the Best Female Brand and the Best Runway Collection at the Ghana Fashion Awards and Honours.  Clatural has an opulence boutique The Clatural Lounge, fondly called The CL in Accra, Ghana. We are also located in SoHo Manhattan at 420 W Broadway and 419 Broome Street, New York City.

Our Staff

 At Clatural, we are a family and our employees mean a lot to us. Apart from offering free skills upgrading training every quarter, Clatural offers free housing to all of our employees. We hire and marginalised youth and women, train and employ them to keep their skills within the Ghanaian economy . We also offer them entrepreneurship training to give them the chance to grow independently so they can support their families.

Clatural is totally against child labour of any shape or form.